2017 TSC Thesis Award Registration Documents

(1)  Please send the paper PDF and registration form to the following email address: tmi@tmi.org.tw.
(論文 PDF 版以及報名表格電子檔寄至以下信箱: tmi@tmi.org.tw.)

(2)  Please fill in the following documents and mail them to the following address:

台灣管理學會Taiwan Management Institute
TSC崇越論文大賞 Theses Award   收

Registration Documents:

1_TSC Thesis Award Cover for Thesis
2_Registration Documents Checklist
3_Topco Registration Form
4_Paperformat (TSC Thesis Award)

(3)  After completing the above steps, please email to us :tmi@tmi.org.tw to complete the registration procedures(請Email 聯絡 tmi@tmi.org.tw 王小姐,即算完成報名)